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Maritime Waste Solutions

Barge, Truck & Water Delivery.

About Us

At Bioenergy we provide safe collection, recovery, recycling, treatment, and disposal services of ship Slop, sludge, and bilge water. In addition, we also offer reliable and timely delivery of Fresh Water. 


We strive to be the leading provider for Maritime Waste Solutions and Fresh Water delivery in Panama and Latin America.


A Port Worker



We ensure that the best environmental practices are implemented. We comply with MARPOL legislation and follow IMO compliance.

Our Services

Our Services
Container Ship
Cargo Ship at Sea
About Us

Fresh Water Delivery

We supply vessels with quantities of fresh water as required.

We deliver fresh water through supply barges at both Cristóbal and Balboa Anchorages.

Slop & Sludge Disposal

We offer Slop, Sludge and Bilge water recollection services by Barge and Tank Trucks.  After recollection, we ensure the right treatment of the disposal to comply with Marpol and IMO guidelines. We also provide all the documents and certifications required by the governing entities.


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